What are the rules in the Bay Area counties?


Three other Bay Area counties – Santa Clara, Contra Costa, and San Mateo – have joined California counties, now allowing alfresco dining at established restaurants.

“Outdoor meals provide access to freshly prepared meals with a relatively low risk of transmission” of the COVID-19 virus, health workers in the three counties said in relaxing the regulations.

Here are the key rules in the three counties:

– All tables should be separated to allow six feet of social distancing.

– Only residents of the same household or the same housing unit may be seated together.

– Each table is limited to six members of the same household or housing unit.

– Alcohol can only be sold with a meal.

– Bar areas must remain closed.

– Restaurants that open for outdoor dining should also offer take-out and delivery as an alternative.

– National and local protocols for restaurant and employee health and safety should be followed.

– Clients must wear face coverings except when seated at the table with other members of their household or living unit.

The amended Santa Clara County regulations also address issues with servers and their interaction with customers. These rules further specify that “customers who dine in the establishment may only enter interior areas of the establishment to use the toilets or handwashing stations, to order and collect food from a debit service. fast food or to access outdoor rest areas. “

Amended San Mateo County regulations specifically require restaurants to “designate a COVID-19 supervisor (s) to ensure implementation of the food facility health and safety plan and social distancing protocol . The designated COVID-19 supervisor (s) must always be present on site during business hours. “

Alameda County officials have not changed the county’s current ban on alfresco dining. Outdoor dining in San Francisco County is expected to resume on June 15.


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