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The back yard or front yard can be made into cool board games.

Outdoor games are a perfect way to take advantage of summer time. Fun outdoor games and cute foam cup craft were published on the Kids Activities blog. Outdoor games are fun for a group of children or even adults.

The games include a giant handmade Jenga game and a set of light beacons. Other ideas include making a set of lawn memory cards for playing a memory game in the backyard.

Use sidewalk chalk to make a giant checkerboard pattern in the driveway. A simple tic tac toe frisbee is perfect for a quick play idea.

A giant stick game, oversized domino game, and fun horseshoe game will keep young and old entertained for hours.

Farm animals are cute. The materials needed to make cute Styrofoam farm animals are foam cups, paint, and pipe cleaners. Place the mug upside down on a piece of newspaper. Let the children start by painting the mug the base color of the animal.

After the paint is dry, let the children have fun drawing the animal’s face. Use the template provided on the Kids Activities Blog. Finish off with pipe cleaner ears and the cute farm animal is ready.

Keep having fun using farm animals as a learning tool to teach kids about farm live. The possibilities are limitless.

For step-by-step instructions and for additional fun ideas, check out this week’s kids activities blog. Come get inspired to have fun with the kids this summer.

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