NBA ready to consider outdoor games


After Major League Baseball’s success with its “Field of Dreams” game last month, the NBA has started discussions about hosting an outdoor event, writes Dan Feldman of NBC Sports.

Evan Wasch, executive vice president of basketball strategy and analysis for the league, discussed the possibility during a recent appearance on “The Crossover.” Podcast with Chris Mannix and Howard Beck.

“The biggest concern is the basketball that you bring out, whether it’s asphalt and injury issues or a wooden field outside with moisture and moisture issues. moisture that can penetrate the ground, being required to rain, all this becomes a consideration ”, Wasch said. “We have explored it and will continue to talk about it. Obviously, the game ‘Field of Dreams’ was incredibly successful. So, no surprise that this has sparked some discussion, and it’s worth exploring. But the logistical challenges of an away basketball game are much more than a baseball game, which, of course, is already away. “

Rucker Park in New York or Venice Beach in California could be potential venues, Feldman notes, especially if the games involve city rivalries like the Knicks and Nets or the Lakers and Clippers. He adds that the Suns played three outdoor preseason games at Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Calif. Just over a decade ago.

Limited space for paying customers would be an issue with any outside site, but Feldman suggests fans would be willing to accept higher ticket prices for such a rare experience. Working outdoor games into an already established TV deal would also be a challenge, along with potential programming issues caused by bad weather.


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