Modern kids ditch gadgets and choose traditional outdoor activities due to lockdown


Kids ditch gadgets and return to nature after spending more time outdoors during lockdown, parent survey reveals

  • Kids ditch gadgets and choose to spend time outdoors instead
  • National survey of 2,000 parents shows how children’s behavior is changing
  • Traditional activities they participate in include tree climbing and crab fishing

Kids are ditching gadgets and returning to traditional hobbies like picking fruit, climbing trees, fishing, building dens and gardening, research shows.

The new study has found an upsurge in the number of UK children participating in traditional outdoor activities and spending less time on gadgets.

In the nationwide poll of 2,000 parents of elementary school-aged children, 90% responded that their children spent more time outdoors after they got into the lockdown habit.

Children ditch their gadgets and return to traditional outdoor activities like crabbing, as well as tree climbing, fruit picking and paddling in the sea – with Covid lockdown cited as a factor for change of behavior

Other old-fashioned activities that are popular with kids again include making garlands (36%), hiking (32%), picking strawberries (31%), and collecting pebbles and polished glass. on the beaches (30%).

The study found that stone skimming (30%), rock pooling (26%), bug hunting (26%), and mud pie making (24%) were also featured on the list – and number one was the classic activity beloved by the generation. on the generation of British children, feeding the ducks.

A fifth (20%) of elementary school children regularly go fishing, while the same number (20%) like nothing better than brewing “potions” from plants.

Almost three-quarters (72%) of parents said their children always enjoy going out, regardless of the weather.

The poll also found that 88% of elementary school children said that if they had to stay indoors all weekend because of bad weather, they ended up feeling desperate to go outside and play.

And 38% of children surveyed said their ideal day would be going on an adventure, compared to just 30% who said they would rather stay and play video games.

Lauren Potter, Brand Manager at Fruittella UK who commissioned the survey, said: “We know that many parents are concerned about the time their children spend behind screens, so it’s great to see that most rather, children want to play outside and explore.

“Whether you’re enjoying a family picnic or looking for fruit, blackberry is a flavor synonymous with summer, serving as the inspiration for our all new Fruittella Summer Fruits flavor. ”

Traditional outdoor activities, modern children

As kids ditch their gadgets to return to their traditional hobbies, here are some of their new favorite hobbies.

  • Feed the ducks in a pond (50% of children have done so recently)
  • You helped with weeding / gardening 35%
  • Marshmallows roasted over open fire 34%
  • Sow seeds and watch them grow 33%
  • No more picking strawberries 31%
  • Picked up pebbles and polished glass from the beach 30%
  • Grow your own fruits and vegetables 29%
  • Took a photo of things they picked up on a walk (like feathers and leaves) 28%
  • Camped out overnight 26%
  • No more picking blackberries 25%
  • Went to a picking farm to pick fruits and vegetables 25%
  • No more picking raspberries 24%



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