Brazz on the Green: the ephemeral outdoor restaurant Taunton opens its doors to try to “bring the city back to life”


A new pop-up outdoor restaurant in Taunton that opened on the day the lockdown restrictions were relaxed intends to “bring life back to the city”.

Brazz on the Green, which is opened by the management of Brazz on the Castle Grounds in downtown Taunton, began serving customers today (April 12) as well as pubs and restaurants across the country.

Changes to national rules mean that from this morning, reception venues could once again serve customers in outdoor areas as well as non-essential retail stores allowed to reopen.

Housed in a marquee, Brazz on the Green can accommodate up to 100 people and features wooden floors, a dining room serving classic Brazz dishes, and a bar area serving draft beer, cocktails and wines.


The restaurant will open on Monday April 12 and then from Tuesday to Saturday every week until May 15.

There will be reservations accepted on Sunday and Monday of the May 1st bank holiday weekend.

The pop-up is already serving its first customers this morning as people come out of lockdown.

Francesca Smith, Mayor of Taunton and owner of Brazz Kit Chapman MBE

Brazz owner Kit Chapman MBE said the site will “bring life back to the city” and help everyone get back to some sort of normal life after months of lockdown.

He said: “We are used to getting together in company and having a good time. Brazz on the Green is all about showing people a good time, making them happy and bringing them together, whether it’s just for one. coffee or a pint of beer or something to eat.

“We really need to get back to normal, which is why we have opened now and we want to bring the city back to life.”

Cllr Francesca Smith, Mayor of Taunton, said Brazz on the Green was something the city “needed” and that it “could not have had a better framework” to revive the “ailing” hotel industry.

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She said: “I am so happy for Taunton. The setting is just beautiful, you have the front of the castle hotel, the museum behind you and the beautiful buildings nearby you might not have had it. a better framework.

“Hospitality suffered so much during the pandemic and the lockdown. I think it’s great that the castle hotel and their team were able to acquire a marquee and encourage the people of Taunton to come here.

“I think people want to go out, as the number of people walking around today shows. It’s wonderful and we need it for Taunton, especially when the weather improves, people can sit outside. and reunite with their family and friends. “

Taunton has already seen the effects of the reopening throughout the morning, with shoppers lining the city streets to enter some of the reopened stores.

Queues outside the Debenhams store on North Street stretched across the street over an hour before the store’s opening time at 10 a.m. as shoppers waited to enter, and the Primark store in the town was also mobbed by impatient customers this morning.


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