Are outdoor games a better alternative to indoor games?


The ‘indoor vs outdoor activities’ debate has always been brought up and here is what the city’s students had to say …

For outdoors

I prefer outdoor games to indoor games because I believe that through outdoor games, people socialize well and become responsible. Staying outdoors also helps people stay in harmony with nature. Outdoor games also help to imbue leadership skills and create a Herculean individual personality.

– Esha Goud, 16, PUC business student, Christ Junior College


Outdoor games have an advantage because they can help maintain a fit and healthy body and mind. It also helps build physical abilities and allows people to hone their strategic thinking skills.
– B Shreyas Padmanabha Sharma, 19, chemistry, botany and biotechnology student, St. Joseph’s College Autonomous


In addition to outdoor games that help us stay physically fit, it also contributes to our mental health. My favorite sport is cricket and I never miss an opportunity to play it. However, due to the advent of technology, mobile games are taking over, but we have to tell the next generation the importance of outdoor games.
– Himani Bajaj, 20, journalism student, Mount Carmel College

For the interior


Easy accessibility and a quick way to refresh your mind makes indoor games more appealing to me. Whether it’s solving Sudoku on the go or playing games like Monopoly or Ludo to have a good time with my friends, indoor games have become my staple now.

– Vanisha Mittal, 23, MBA student, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management


These days I play board games like ludo and mobile games like pubg. This is because I don’t have a lot of time to play outdoors and there is a lack of space and people to play outdoor games with. So, I rather choose alternatives inside. –
Riya G Thomas, 20, psychology, economics and biology student, Mount Carmel College


In today’s world, indoor games, especially video games, are very popular. I think it works well because any game is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends and you shouldn’t miss them. It’s also a fun way to let off steam.
– Sandhya Jayaraman, 21, computer science student, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology


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