Archery Range Developments Planned for Big Arm and Lone Pine State Parks


KALISPELL – Change is coming to two state parks in Montana, making improvements to a rapidly growing recreation opportunity.

“These two ranges are going to be great resources for new archers who are trying to learn the sport or for seasoned archers who just need a place to go, train and prepare for the season,” said Dillon, spokesperson for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP). Tabish told MTN News.

FWP approved plans to develop a new archery range at Big Arm State Park near Polson and purchase 9.3 acres of property adjacent to Lone Pine State Park in Kalispell, thereby adding capacity at the current archery range.

“We hope to complete both in 2022, so the goal would be to have them both operational by the end of the year,” Tabish added.

Tabish said both projects will use grants through the Wildlife Restoration Act, aimed at increasing opportunities for public sport shooting. He said the existing Lone Pine State Park shooting range is the only outdoor public archery range developed in the Flathead Valley.

“It’s just a very popular piece of equipment, it’s one of the only lines like this in Montana and it’s extremely popular, its usage has increased by 30% in the last few years and we are thrilled to ‘extend this excellent resource and provide additional opportunities for public shooting,’ added Tabish.

Tabish said the two shooting ranges will be huge in support of the National Archery Schools Program, which provides schoolchildren with safe and easy access to the sport. The program is growing rapidly throughout Montana.

“We have over 70 schools enrolled in the program and here in Northwest Montana we’ve added a bunch of new schools and we have over 18 schools or programs that are enrolled so these ranges are going to be great resources. for these school programs to have, ”Tabish said.


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