15 best garden games – fun outdoor games for kids


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A backyard is nothing but your own personal oasis. When the weather warms up, we have the impression of living in our backyards: we cook there (at least if the grill is on), we eat there (barbecue and picnic, everyone), we have fun. relax there (nothing more than a blanket and a book) and entertain the children. Except sometimes you need help with that last thing. You can send them to the backyard, a land of endless possibilities, and suddenly all the games they’ve ever known get slipped away, and they come back saying, “But there is nothing to.” to do the low!”

Don’t let them come back to their screens so easily. Get them back outside with some ideas to get them started. (Don’t forget the sunscreen!) Keep this list handy and they’ll remember all the fun you can have outdoors. Test them with games of skill, such as pétanque, cornhole or croquet. Excite their imaginations with treasure maps and treasure hunts. Make fun activities like lawn bowling or kids’ car washes. And then when the sun goes down, throw in bug spray, go back outside and start over in the dark.

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Take turns throwing a beanbag across the yard and into the target. If you don’t have your own set of cornholes, you can try making your own beanbag bubbles using hoops or paper plates.


Water balloons

When the weather gets warmer, there is nothing more refreshing. Or, if you can’t stand the chaos of an all-out balloon war, make it more of a challenge by throwing the ball: everyone catches a partner; they start by standing close to each other and toss the ball at each other. Anyone who catches the ball without breaking it takes a step back. Then roll again and take another step. The further you go, the harder it is to catch and the more likely the ball will break when falling.


If you can’t make it to a mini golf course, home croquet is the best solution. Hitting the balls through the wickets will make them feel like they’re in it Alice in Wonderland.


Bag races

The perennial staple of the country day is a classic for a reason: it’s really, really fun. Don’t have a stack of sacks of potatoes at home? Try the sleeping bags.

Balloon kick

Hide small prizes (coins work) in inflated balloons and watch children jump, dab and stomp to get them out. It pops satisfyingly and it’s good cardio!

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Pool noodle obstacle course

Pool noodles can be folded into tunnels for crawling, obstacles to jump over, or beams to balance. Create an obstacle course in your backyard, then challenge your kids to tackle it as quickly as they can (safely).

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Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

Of course, if you don’t have pool noodles on hand, hoops, skipping ropes, and frisbees work just as well. Or, if you have a driveway, you can try tracing a route with sidewalk chalk.

Treasure hunt

Hide some prizes in the garden and draw a map for the children to follow to find them. Make it more difficult by asking them to decipher clues along the way. You can also go on a backyard scavenger hunt, where they must find a whole list of natural objects.


The players take turns trying to bring their team’s ball closer to the pallino (the little ball). This makes it a game that requires strategy as well as skill.



If you have a paved area in the backyard, you can break up the sidewalk chalk and dust off this schoolyard classic. And if you only have grass, you can always DIY a temporary hopscotch by purchasing square concrete garden pavers for $ 2.


Glow-in-the-dark toys

On a warm night, head to the backyard after sunset with a glow in the dark Jenga set or Phosphorescent Frisbees. This way, even if you have a busy day, you can still get together and spend some family time at home.


Flashlight label

Or, if you have a really big yard, arm everyone with flashlights for a game of Flashlight Tag. It’s basically hide and seek, but in the dark, and the seeker gets a flashlight and “grabs” the players by shining the beam on them.

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