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The Bahamas has issued a rare travel advisory for its citizens visiting the US, recommending particular care for young men in cities affected by tensions over recent police shootings. CDC Director Tom Frieden said the agency issued the travel warning because of the additional Zika infections that were identified in the last 48 hours, and because of new information that indicates mosquito control efforts are not working as well as officials would have liked.

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The nomination committee is continuously and consistently covering customer ratings, media reports and other related information concerning points of interests within the travel industry. On October 19, because local spread of Zika virus continued to be reported in Miami-Dade County, CDC updated its travel and testing guidance to apply recommendations to all of Miami-Dade County. It is rarely fatal but needs to be distinguished from dengue and zika virus infections also seen in French Polynesia, all of which are transmitted by mosquito bite. The remainder of Miami-Dade County is designated as a Zika cautionary area ( yellow area ). Guidance for yellow areas now applies to North Miami Beach.

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On August 19, CDC also issued guidance for a 1.5-square-mile section of South Miami Beach identified to have mosquito-borne spread of Zika; on September 17, this section was expanded to a 4.5-square-mile area that included areas of North Miami Beach.