World Fantasy, Places That Never Go Down

Talking about the tourist attractions in Indonesia must be endless what else mention this one tourist spot. Fantasy World or commonly abbreviated as Dufan is a tourist place that has stood since 1985. Dufan became one of the tourist attractions that never deserted by visitors.

Its presence in the capital makes many tourists easy to visit this place. Operating since tens of years ago, Dufan always presents its own story for Indonesian citizens. Mostly during school time, the sights are included in the student’s row of student tours. Not only because it is entertaining in terms of scenery but Dufan also provides entertainment with the facilities of the rides that they serve.
Location and Choice of Rides in Fantasy World Jakarta. For more information you can visit palau diving liveaboardĀ 

Dufan is located at Londan street west No. 7 and included in the Ancol section is a bit in the eastern tip of Jakarta. But it never made Dufan deserted by tourists because it became the largest playground owned by Indonesia. Until now there has been no similar tourist attractions have the land area and the number of rides larger and more. Just like other tourist attractions, Dufan also has a mascot or special character as their logo is a monkey ape where you can meet in the form of a clown when visiting. Dufan also sells many souvenirs with the image and shape of the mascot as their official souvenir.
There are many rides that become divebooker mainstay. Such as Tornado rides, Bianglala, thunder, Niagara-Gara, and Puppet Palace. Dufan also has several special buildings that also become rides like Rumah Miring. Unfortunately there are many rides that once existed but now no longer operate. Behind the main rides, Dufan also usually has special rides that opened in a certain period. Recently they have just opened special rides like Hello Kitty Adventure that is suitable for Hello Kitty lovers, Ice Age Adventure who takes the movie theme with the same name, and Panic House. Even so, the existence of special rides do not as well as reverse the enthusiastic tourists to play on the rides longer.