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How To Prepare Cannabis Clones Cloning is one practice that several farmers and plant growers employ in an attempt to improve their yields. If you are a grower of cannabis, you may take cloning of your plants to equally improve your production. Tips on how to clone your marijuana will as such be essential in your efforts to successfully clone and have a better harvest of your plants. Cloning is safe and therefore you should not worry about the effects it will have on the plant in terms of concerns like potency. This article will take us through some of the basic steps towards effective preparation of cannabis clones. As you plan to go about with a successful cannabis clone, you will first need to identify the healthiest and the best in yield to be your mother plant. It can even be made much simpler by having a favorite to serve this purpose of being the mother plant to your cannabis clones. Also you will need to identify their sexes. The factors you will need to mind as you select the mother plant are the hardiness of the mother plant, speed of growth should be rapid, high in yield, with large roots and the strength of the buds should also be good. It is recommended that you take the cuttings for your cannabis clones when the mother plant is in its vegetative state. If the cuttings are taken when the mother plant is in the flowering stage, the result will be death of the clone since it will not find easy root. For first time cloners of cannabis, the challenge may be in identifying that ideal mother plant. The general advice would be to select that plant of female sex which is in its vegetative state and equally looking the healthiest in your farm. This will pass the test for an ideal mother plant for hardiness and speedy growth.
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Avoid the selection of clone plants from feminized seeds and instead go for regular seeds in your selection of cannabis clone plants. One more point for you to consider is the age of your cannabis clone plants. At its bear minimum let your chosen clone plant to be two months old in its vegetative stage. The reason such a step is recommended is because it will enable you get several clones from the same mother plant.
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The identified cannabis clone plant should then be prepared properly. As a step to prepare the mother plant for clipping of the cannabis clones, you need to ensure it receives a reduced nitrogen supply as compared to normal.