Football Pilgrimage

Old Trafford, Wembley, The Nou Camp, the San Siro, Villa Park, Ibrox, Hampden, the Maracanã and the Stade de France. These are, I’m sure you’ll recognise, Football stadiums. With an increase in the foreign fan these places have begun taking on a kind of Mecca to supporters. It is the lifelong ambition of the Barcelona fan from abroad to make the journey, a pilgrimage if you will, to see their heroes play even if it’s just the once. To see with your own eyes your heroes, not through a TV camera lens would be a sight to remember for ever.

There are many stadia in Birmingham and Aston Villa remain one of the most popular teams in the country. You also have West Bromwich Albion, Birmingham City themselves and the lesser league teams of Walsall and Wolverhampton Wanderers, not that Wolves fans will like to hear there a lesser team. With all these teams to visit a longer stay in the second city might be called for. Rather than book a hotel why not look at the luxury Serviced Apartment Birmingham has to offer instead of a hotel room. Check out for more details.

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A visit to the promised land, stadia that is, has been likened to the weary pilgrims who set of to go and see St David’s cathedral in South West Wales. These were usually labours of love and devotion dedicated to the glory of God and self-awareness in the pilgrim themselves. The weary traveller was offered sustenance and the chance to stay and pray with the monks for a while whilst they recuperated for the trip back home. They would usually bring an offering unless they were poor. Most were looking to Shreve themselves for forgiveness for their sins.

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While not exactly the same there are certain similarity between the two. Devotion. The fan will wear a uniform and wave their scarf when the players arrive. Pilgrims wore sombre yet practical clothes. They both a have a goal. To seek enlightenment. Will the team win? Will that make the journey all the more worthwhile if they do or will it lessen it because they have lost. Many go as they want to sample the atmosphere that this home games can bring. The jewel in the crown is to attend a Derby match. Flamengo versus Flemenisene at the Maracanã, The Old Firm, Rangers versus Celtic, Juventus versus Inter Milan in one of the oldest football derbies in the world. When you go to these matches you are attending and witnessing an ongoing history.

Many travel agents now offer special package deals, such is the rise in the football pilgrimage.