A Trip to Hawaii for the Family

When my father asked my brother and I if we would arrange a trip to Kona, Hawaii for our entire family, we were pretty excited to do just that. Our mom had fought a long and hard battle with her health, but she was declared cancer free almost a year ago. She finally has her strength back, and we knew only too well how fragile life can be. We wanted to do this for her as much as we did for our family in general. I went to the Cuvee website that I use to book my Mexican getaway every couple of years, knowing that they would probably have just what we need.

I was not wrong. The listing they have for a five bedroom suite in Kona was perfect in every way imaginable. My wife and I have no kids, so we would just need one bedroom. My parents would need one for themselves. My brother and his wife would need one. They brought their twin 13 year old children, and they each had their own room too. It was the first time we had all went on vacation together, and we were so excited to go.

After the arrangements were made, my father told my mom where we were all going when we went out to dinner one night. Seeing her expression was worth everything! The trip itself was fantastic too, and we had so much fun. Our father, my brother and I golfed, while our wives and our mom along with the girls went shopping and swimming. We had exquisite meals out, flew in a helicopter over a volcano, and even took lessons on how to ride a surfboard. My mom went snorkeling too for the first time! All in all, this was my favorite vacation ever, and we are hoping to make it a regular occurrence.