1000 USD loans: the best offers

1000 USD loans without paycheck: the Italian Post Office alternative

1000 USD loans without paycheck: the Italian Post Office alternative

The credit market has recently adapted to an increasingly widespread need: obtaining small but short-term figures. The reasons that can push citizens to apply for loans of 1000 USD (or a little more) are numerous. The most frequent one concerns the tax issue.

In fact, very often, we find it difficult to pay a higher tax than expected, therefore the need to acquire liquidity immediately emerges. There are many realities that offer this type of possibility but Poste Italiane stands out above all.

The “post offices”, in fact, offer a very interesting variant, which has a certain uncommon characteristic: accessibility to those who cannot claim a paycheck.

It is not a question of absence of income, it is clear (that is always necessary), but of certain and demonstrable income. The product in question is Postal Service. The most important requirement is the possession of a Postepay, through which the liquidity disbursement and repayment operations will be carried out.

Another peculiarity lies in the fact that all the parameters – amount, interest, reimbursement – are already preset. The choice is between three options.

The first provides for a top-up of 750 USD, against which 835.50 USD will be returned in 15 months. The second consists of a top-up of 1000 USD, which become 1138 to be returned in 20 months. Finally, the third one grants a top-up of 1,500 USD, for a total amount of 1,734 USD to be returned in 24 months.

Fast loans: the August offer

Fast loans: the August offer

An alternative is to turn to those credit institutions which, although they do not prepare offers explicitly dedicated to loans of 1000 USD, allow the possibility of financing themselves for small amounts, however less than 3000. An example is provided by Astro Finance and specifically by personal loans.

Their main feature is speed: it is in fact possible to receive the sum within 48 hours. In addition, this type of products follows the logic of Astro Finance loans, which aim to customize the repayment procedures.

This means that it is possible to skip or postpone the payment of an installment. In addition, at no additional cost, Astro Finance grants the opportunity to change the amount of the installment more or less to your liking by lengthening or narrowing the repayment period.

Astro Finance loans therefore stand out for their flexibility and ability to meet customers. It must be said, however, that in general this type of product imposes fairly high interest rates. For example, if you request a loan of 2750 USD, this can be repaid in 12 monthly installments of 239 USD each.

Loans for furniture | Take out a loan and renew your home today

Have your furniture been broken or just gone old? Then you now have the opportunity to do something about it – quite quickly.

You don’t have to wait long to buy new furniture if you suddenly need an emergency and you can’t afford to do something about it. In these situations, you can always take out a loan for furniture and get the money paid right away.

However, it may also be that you simply need something new in your home. Here, of course, you also have the opportunity to take out a loan for furniture. On the other hand, we recommend that you wait until you have saved up a little yourself, so that you avoid making it more expensive for yourself than you need to. Your home is your home base, and so it doesn’t really matter what it looks like.

Your reasons for taking out a loan for furniture


There is no doubt that new furniture can contribute to a feeling of a new home and a new start, and that in itself can feel liberating. Because you are badly affected by your surroundings – probably also more than you realize yourself, and therefore you should not compromise on the decor of your home.

Your home should reflect you and your personality so you can feel comfortable in your own home. On the other hand, it can be difficult if you do not have endless financial resources.

Because furniture can be extremely expensive to buy, which is why it is typically one of the projects that is postponed the most. Fortunately, furniture has a generally long life, so you should always choose your furniture carefully so that you can keep looking at it for a long time.

If you can’t wait to get started on your very own project, you can always choose to take out a loan for furniture. You get paid the money right away!

Loan for furniture – turn on at the right time


You probably already have an idea of ​​how you would like your home to look. Therefore, you should also always keep an eye on the various offers you find on the Internet.

You can choose to keep an eye on the promotions and promotional papers published by your favorite furniture providers. You may sometimes be lucky to find that your dream furniture has been put up for sale, and here you should go. In these situations, it is important that you know about your financing options so that you do not miss a good bargain. If you do not have a savings yourself, it can be difficult to respond to good offers when they offer.

If you have already looked for some nice furniture that is just you and that will fit perfectly in your home, you can easily and quickly apply for a loan for furniture here.

The process is neither transparent nor time-consuming, and you get paid your money right away so you can get your fingers in your dream furniture today!

Why wait? Create the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Loans for furniture – Sean Cole’s solution


At Sean Cole we provide you with the best conditions for a successful experience when you take out a loan for furniture with us. Our annuity loans are based on you, so we give you the following four elements when you borrow from us:

  • immediately Payout
  • flexibility
  • Participation
  • Great overview of your loan period

Immediate Payout – because we pay your money right away, you also get the best prerequisites to strike when you come across a good deal.

Flexibility – At Sean Cole, we believe that a flexible loan is essential to your experience, and therefore you have the opportunity to use our interest-free function. This gives you the opportunity to pay interest on your loan only if your finances suddenly allow you nothing else.

Co-determination – we want to involve you as much as possible and therefore you are asked to determine your monthly benefit from the start.

Great overview – because we offer annuity loans, you are also guaranteed a great overview of the entire loan period, as your payment will be the same every month.

How to apply personal loan in a bank.

Good Finance is an important financial company of the Good Lender Bank and today stands as one of the most established companies in the world of small personal loans. Precisely for this reason we decided to thoroughly analyze its offer and understand up to whether its products are advantageous or not.

As we well know, in fact, small personal loans play a fundamental role today. There are more and more families who, attracted by current interest rates, decide to resort to credit and, the average amount, is around 10 thousand USD. Consel, on paper, would seem to be the right partnet since it deals precisely with disbursing loans and transfers of the fifth for amounts not exceeding $ 10,000. Let’s see, in detail, all the characteristics of the products offered.

Loans Good Finance

Loans Good Finance

Let’s start by analyzing 2 fundamental aspects: the interest rate applied and the method of disbursement. As regards the rate, this varies from a minimum of approximately 8% to a maximum of 10%, depending on the capital requested and the duration of the loan. Obviously, the closer the amount is to the 10 thousand USD ceiling, the longer the duration and the cheaper the interest rate applied.

We now come to the delivery methods established by Consel. First of all, it must be said that the whole practice can be managed online thanks to the technological support of Good Lender Bank. This, in itself, is a factor which we believe to be very important. As we have pointed out several times, in fact, requests for personal loans are increasingly moving over the internet. Banks and financial institutions are adapting to this trend but in some cases still require physical presence in the branch, something that we believe to be absolutely out of place.

With regard to the loans and the transfers of the fifth paid by Consel, it should be said that there are no costs of practical preliminary investigation nor, even less, management costs of the same. Furthermore, the financial company does not charge stamp duty or the cost of sending communications to the customer.

In principle (then it always depends from case to case) to be able to apply for and obtain financing from Good Finance it is necessary to be resident in Italy, to be aged between 18 and 78 and, of course, a demonstrable income to offer to capital guarantee required.

How to apply for a loan to Good Finance

As we said, the loan can be requested and paid directly online through the financial portal (e-consel.it). Alternatively, for those who are not very familiar with the internet or prefer to have explanations from a person in charge, you can manage the practice from the call center. Obviously by calling the number in question you can also make an appointment with an assignment directly in the branch.

Once the request has been made online through the e-consel portal, you will receive the outcome of the loan investigation directly via email. If the outcome is positive, all you have to do is send your documents and wait for the requested sum to be credited.

The disbursement of the loan, in fact, takes place by issuing a bank transfer to the applicant’s current account or by cashier’s check to be collected from the branch in your area or sent directly to your home with an insured.

Do Good Finance loans agree?

When it comes to conclusions about personal loans it is always very difficult because a lot also depends on your characteristics. In this case we can make some considerations. As for the interest rate, you could do better, because today you can also find taegs below 7%.

It must be said, however, that the absence of ancillary costs and the possibility of managing the request for financing entirely online even for small amounts of just 2 thousand USD is an advantage that not all financial companies offer. Overall, therefore, our opinion on Consel can only be positive. If you need a small loan under 10 thousand USD, this is a solution worth evaluating.

Personal loan insurance

 In some cases it may be useful, if not essential, to take out personal loan insurance. This allows, in fact, to protect both the bank and who signed the loan, that is the customer. Although insurance on the loan is usually an optional choice of the customer, in some cases this can be imposed by the bank as an essential condition (we will see it in more detail below).

Overall we can say that when taking out a personal loan, the choice to take out an insurance policy can be very interesting but, given the cost, it is advisable to carefully evaluate the pros and cons.

Loan Insurance: Worth It?

Loan Insurance: Worth It?


First of all, it is necessary to understand when it is convenient to take out a policy on a loan and when, on the other hand, this solution can prove to be of little advantage in economic or practical terms. Let’s start by saying that there are certain contexts where banks or financial companies impose the insurance policy as a necessary condition.

This is, for example, the case of an elderly person over 70 years of age. In these cases, in fact, the bank always tends to combine the personal loan with the life insurance policy so as to protect itself if the customer has a health problem (much more frequent after a certain age) that prevents you from facing the debt.

Another example may be that of a customer who has had several reports in crif as a bad payer or, again, for those risk categories such as atypical workers or fixed-term contracts. In these cases, as we have said, it is the lender that considers the loan policy as a necessary condition.

But in most cases it is up to the customer to choose this solution, just as the type of policy and the degree of coverage must also be chosen. Let us analyze its pros and cons.

Advantages of securing financing

The advantages include:

  • customizable protection: many insurance policies of this type are customizable so as to allow you to choose the type of guarantee that suits you best. For example, if you are a precarious worker you could insure yourself against the loss of a job, if on the contrary you are an elderly person you could take out a life insurance policy;
  • protection of the heirs: the heirs can be forced to face your debts in case of premature death or inability to pay. With an insurance policy you avoid this from affecting the people you care about;
  • ease in accessing credit: undoubtedly an insurance policy protects the bank and, consequently, makes it easier for you to access credit on advantageous terms;



Among the negative sides we point out:

  • higher cost of financing: undoubtedly an insurance policy on financing has a cost (much or little depends on multiple factors including the size of the loan, the age of the applicant, the type of income, etc.) which raises the loan amount ;
  • payment of the premium: the payment of the premium varies from policy to policy but in principle there are 2 solutions. The first is the one with a single payment of the premium at the same time as the loan is started, the second is the installment of the premium itself with the application of a small portion of interest;

Where to subscribe for protection: banks and companies

Where to subscribe for protection: banks and companies


In this part of our guide we want to point out a selection of policies specifically designed to meet this need. In this way we try to offer you a complete overview of what the market offers. We remind you that, by law, you are free to choose an insurance policy at your convenience.

So the bank can force you to take out loan insurance but it can’t force you to choose your own. This is just to make you aware of what your consumer rights are, then it is up to you to assess whether the one offered by the bank is the most convenient policy or there are other better ones.pplied.

Loans for pensioners | Get great experiences

When you retire, you usually get released a lot of time, which you can spend in many different ways.

As a pensioner you get the opportunity to do a lot of new things and you can, among other things, travel out and explore a lot of new and amazing places in the world. Your many years of life experience have enabled you to see the world from a new perspective, which is why you can also choose to travel a bit more.

You can also choose to start some different team activities where you will meet a lot of new people while keeping your body going. The activities make it easy for you to create new relationships with other retirees, which can be incredibly life-giving in itself.

If you have a passion for art or history, you can also choose to spend time visiting a lot of interesting museums. In addition, there are many different subjects at HF ​​that you can also sign up for – including history.

On the other hand, it can be expensive to do all things at once, which is why sometimes an economical, helping hand may be needed.

Take out a loan in a regular bank

Take out a loan in a regular bank

It is usually difficult for you to take out a loan in a regular bank if you are a pensioner and are no longer in the labor market. Many banks require that you have a fixed income before you can be allowed to take out a loan, and therefore you may be forced to resort to other solutions.

At Good Finance, we allow you to take out a loan for retirees – easily and quickly! Click here.

Make changes to the decor of your home with a loan to retirees


As a pensioner, you typically spend extra time in your home because you no longer have as many obligations as you have to take care of – such as a job.

Therefore, it is also important that you have designed your home in a way that makes you happy. Because your home is your personal base, so it doesn’t really matter what it looks like.

On the other hand, it can be expensive to change the interior of your home because new furniture is typically expensive to acquire.

Of course, the most optimal would be to draw on a savings, but if you do not have one, you can always opt for a loan to retirees at Good Finance.

We have chosen to make it easy and clear for you and you have the money in your account in one minute. However, you should always make sure that your loan fits your finances before choosing to take it out.

Loans for Retirees – Good Finance’s Solution


At Good Finance, we want to help you financially when you need it. We prioritize our customer service, which is why we also make every effort to ensure that our customers always get a good experience.

We offer annuity loans where you pay the same service every month, which is why you are also insured against boring surprises.

When you take out a loan with us, you also get the following 3 benefits:

  • Installment Freedom Function
  • Participation
  • immediately Payout

Honeymoon function – you can always use our honeymoon function if you cannot afford to pay off your loan for a given month. We fully understand that you may need to spend extra months on other things for some months, which is why we offer you a flexible loan.

Determine your monthly benefit – when you create your loan, you are asked to decide how much your monthly benefit should be. This also ensures a transparent loan process and a constant overview.

Immediate payment – when you take out a loan for pensioners with us, you get your money paid right away. In addition, the application process only takes one minute.

However, you should be aware that if you are already registered in the GFI or the Debtor register, you cannot take out a loan with us.

Why wait? Apply for a loan for retirees right away!

Offers Personal Loans On Line Immediate Outcome – Here is who grants them

How to get an online loan with immediate outcome

How to get an online loan with immediate outcome

When you are faced with sudden expenses and you do not have the necessary resources, instant personal online loans are one of the only solutions for accessing credit. But how do you get them?

Those who need liquidity in a very short time must compulsorily turn to banks and financial companies that operate online. As a rule, in fact, these institutions follow leaner bureaucratic procedures than those observed by banks operating in the traditional circuit. This is thanks to the fact that online loan applications are managed electronically.

Added to this is the fact that the documents necessary for the request can be transmitted in digital format. Not only. Several banks and financial institutions allow you to sign the loan agreement directly online. an operation that is possible using the digital signature services made available by the institution.

Instant online loans Astro Finance

Instant online loans Astro Finance

But who pays instant personal loans online? Among the institutes that grant products of this type we mention Astro Finance. The well-known online bank in fact grants loans of up to 30 thousand USD within 48 hours from the approval of the application.

However, those who need to get money in a very short time can resort to Agos loans granted via smartphone. In this case it is possible to obtain sums up to a maximum of 3 thousand USD. The whole application procedure can be conducted using the institution’s mobile application. The App is called Best bank and is available for both Android and iOS devices

Capital Lender and Cream bank instant loan offerings

Capital Lender and Cream bank instant loan offerings

Among the main consumer credit companies that provide personal loans online, immediate results include Cream bank. Once all the documents necessary for the evaluation of the request have been sent to the bank, the result is communicated in a very short time.

The sums financed range from a minimum of one thousand to a maximum of 60 thousand USD. The repayment takes place with a flexible amortization plan. The beneficiary has the possibility to request both the modification of the monthly installment and the duration of the repayment plan.

Lastly, we remind you of Capital Lender’s instant online personal loans, Lite Lender Easy. Again, as for Agos products, these are loans granted through the institution’s mobile application. The sum that can be financed ranges from a minimum of one thousand to a maximum of 5 thousand USD.

However, access to credit is reserved only to Capital Lender account holders who have passed an assessment of the creditworthiness by the institution. As regards the timing of disbursement, once the request has been accepted, Capital Lender credits the amount in real time.

Self-Reported Loans: Opportunities and How to Get Them

The self-reported loan credit bureau is the ideal proposition when if you fall into the category of bad payer or protested. But what are the funding opportunities, how to apply for them and what are the requirements? Here are all the answers.

Loan changed : how it works and how much you can ask for

Loan changed : how it works and how much you can ask for

The first option to be considered in the context of the self-reported loan credit bureau is the changed loan. Based on the payment of bills, enforceable debt securities, it is recovering after several years of falling demand.

The bills, as mentioned above, give the right to the reality that issued them to immediately retaliate on the assets of the insolvent customer.

The changed loan is characterized by a fixed rate for the entire duration of the amortization plan, which can go up to 120 months. This value, however, is a bit higher than the average as the loan is accessible to bad payers, protests and individuals without a paycheck. This puts credit institutions in a position to seek protection.

Also to be remembered is the role of the expenses that the various companies have to bear in order to have the authorization to provide the changed loans. These too must be recovered with the rate.

To conclude, remember that with these products you get a maximum of $ 50,000 / $ 60,000 and that freelancers must present the possession of an active life insurance policy for at least two years as proof of income.

Pawn loan: what it is

Pawn loan: what it is

Pawn credit can also be included in the list of credit bureau self-reported loan alternatives. How does it work? By committing a precious asset, which is assessed by an expert. On the basis of this opinion, the loan is then disbursed.

The customer who chooses it must take into account the interests and the costs of custody. As regards the duration, it generally ranges from 3 to 12 months. Among the credit realities that allow access to these loans, we can mention Lite Lender and Best bank.

Loans with alternative guarantees: what to know before applying for them

Loans with alternative guarantees: what to know before applying for them

When it comes to self-reported credit bureau loans, it is good to also remember the solutions with alternative guarantees. What do they foresee? The presentation of a guarantee for creditworthiness which may concern a mortgage on a property or the receipt of a divorce check.

In this case it is good to specify that credit institutions tend to accept more favorably the requests coming from those who have a paycheck.

Loans with guarantor: how to apply for them

Loans with guarantor: how to apply for them

We conclude by recalling that in the list of autonomous loan proposals reported credit bureau it is also possible to find solutions with guarantor. What do they foresee? The possibility of requesting access to credit by presenting a third party guarantor.

It is essential to remember that it must be a financially reliable person, able to intervene in case of difficulty on the part of the main beneficiary. The credit institution that provides the loan always checks its credit profile.